BirdsAtFive AI

Ensures data protection and control over AI access

Elevates AI output quality with specialized agents

Automates tasks to boost company productivity

AI has arrived and it promises great potential
Too many it's still a black box and potentially a Pandora's Box full of unpleasant surprises. A common sentiment is that it could be insecure and immature and might even be lacking the quality needed for production.

So the big question is: How can we overcome the obstacles around security and quality, so AI can improve my company's efficiency?

There is a way to secure usage and governance:

  • We centralise access, so there's one point of entry
    - Track user usage
    - Control access in tiers to company files and services
  • Private servers to keep data and usage private
    - Protects your data
  • You can easily switch AI models

BAF Agents lift the quality of the output from the generic Chat Assistants

  • Focused Special (cascading) Agents
    - Training on products and brand tone of voice
    - Connected to your unique company data and files
  • We have built custom actions for the agents
    - They can integrate with APIs to retrieve or write mails, get data from CRM or campaign platforms etc.
    - They can extend their functionality with tools to create video, proof read long documents etc.

AI can improve efficiency

  • The main driver of efficiency is automation of analysis and generation
  • AI can automate a lot of tasks:
    - By Integrating into your processes
    - Do simple reasoning tasks
    - Analyse data
  • Generate many different types of output
    - Text and documents, for sales e-mails or content production
    - Images and photos
    - Power Point Slides
    - Landing Pages for campaigns
    - Proof Reading
    - Regulatory Reviews