Unlock commercial growth in B2B

Through a systematic orchestration of creative content and your digital marketing set-up, we help you boost sales.

Trust creativity. Master technology.

Engagement. Along the entire customer journey

Distributing a few white papers now and then won’t make you generate truly sales-ready leads at scale. Your marketing team needs to work with insight-driven content across the entire customer journey, not just content for the hottest and already conversion-ready leads.

It’s about being there whenever your customers are. With content that inspires, educates, and converts – across all relevant channels and formats, and with a frequency that matches the modern client’s or customer’s always-on readiness to consume relevant and engaging content.

Trust Creativity
Master Technology

Commercial Acceleration Program

Your path
to growth

Your path to commercial growth is our Commercial Acceleration Program.

It’s a highly systematized method of organizing and improving your digital marketing. No matter what market you’re in or which platforms and technology you’re already on. We make sure your foundation is right, we help you optimize the operation, and we help you upgrade your employees and systems.

By committing to our Commercial Acceleration Program you will consistently be able to generate growth at scale.

Commercial Acceleration Foundation

Getting the
machinery right

The first phase on your way to commercial acceleration is getting your digital marketing set-up right.

We evaluate what you already have and what you need. From systems and employee competences to creative content. What to fix and what to fine-tune? What can be done short term and what can be fixed later, on middle or long term?

We make a plan and then we execute – together with your team.

Once the foundation for commercial growth has been established the “Garage” takes over with its unique approach to strengthening your organization’s digital execution power.

In the Garage – so named for its hands-on start-up spirit – your in-house resources and our experienced experts work closely on a regular basis – often weekly – to drive operations and optimize results.

It’s a test-learn-and-improve process, where we continuously generate new insights together, expanding our understanding of your customers and of what does and doesn’t work in terms of content and distribution.

Our Garage team work will also bring you the training and recruitment support necessary to prepare you for eventually taking over operations yourself.

Keep on moving.
Keep on improving

Our approach is based on one basic learning: Digital knowledge must be anchored and finetuned internally. It's as important for long-term success as having a sales and marketing department.

Mads Haupt Toft

What's in
a Garage?

Your Garage set-up includes all operations needed to run and optimize the campaigns that will unlock commercial growth. From project management through creative content production to distribution and the on-going evaluation and optimization of content and its distribution.

93% of buyers use digital sources through the entire buyer journey


Buyers complete 70% of the buying process without any vendor contact

Forrester Research

Work with
the best

It’s our aim to provide your teams with the best minds within strategy, creativity and technology. People with a profound knowledge of a specialized field and at the same time nice and cool people to be around with. Meet a couple of our Garage experts that right now help our existing clients unlock commercial growth.

Why BirdsAtFive in the first place?

BirdsAtFive was founded on the experience that many companies found it difficult to adapt to a world where the rules of digital sales and marketing were constantly changing.

Especially the lack of resources and digital competences seemed to be a major reason for not getting ‘the obvious’ done.

We envisioned ourselves as a kind of highly specialized ‘mechanics’ capable of tuning the digital machinery.

Like Alpina and Brabus, the famous tuning specialists that bring cars of passionate BMW and Mercedes Benz owners to next-level performance, we wanted to bring the marketing operations of passionate brand owners to next level. In an agile, hands-on garage set-up characterized by:

  • Instant execution power
  • Tech savvy specialists that transform complex technology into non-complex solutions
  • Passionate people that trust the power of creativity
  • Hardworking people that strategize, test, learn and scale together with their clients – that is: Building the car while driving.
  • And not least: Experts that train and educate your own internal resources to build the necessary in-house competences

This was true back then when we set out. And this is still true. Let’s grab a boiler suit and some wrenches and get our hands dirty!

Light the fire, spread the word

This is our Commercial Acceleration Fireplace. Here you’ll find experienced and passionate people sharing innovative strategy and tangible advice on the best tactics that works today.

AI Webinar

AI Webinar#1

Subject: How to get the most out of AI in your marketing team
Host: Head of AI David Borch & Client Service Director Nicolaj Christensen

PowerHour #2

Subject: The ‘Who’ and the ‘How’ of ABM
Host: Client Service Director Nicolaj Christensen & Chief Technical Officer Marius Skarpeid