BirdsAtFive achieves top positions in the prestigious MyImage Agency Analysis 2024

BirdsAtFive achieves top positions in the prestigious MyImage Agency Analysis 2024

Jan 10, 2024

Not everyone knows BirdsAtFive, but those who do, think we’re a great agency to work with. That’s the conclusion of the annual Agency Analysis 2024, conducted by MyResearch, where BirdsAtFive secured a top two ranking in four out of nine categories (see table below).

“We’re truly honored to stand among some of the most reputable Danish agencies—who have set the standard in our field. To be ranked so highly in the MyImage Agency Analysis 2024 alongside these esteemed companies is not just an achievement; it’s a milestone. It’s a testament to our team’s dedication and a clear signal that we’re not letting the established agencies have a party without us”, says a smiling Jens Bjørn Nielsen, Managing Director at BirdsAtFive.

#2 in client satisfaction

1.028 CMOs and marketing leaders participated in the survey, giving the study serious weight. Naturally, this fills us with pride and gratitude—and above all, fuels our drive to maintain the high standards for which we’ve been recognized. While the category rankings are indeed valuable for a small, new agency like ours, it’s the high marks in client satisfaction that truly stand out and leave the biggest impact on us.

“It’s especially rewarding that, apart from our achievement in the four categories, we also earned a 2nd place among agencies with the highest client satisfaction. This acknowledgment means a lot because it's from the clients who work with us every day. They see all sides of us and still think we're more than alright. That's pretty awesome, right”. Jens Bjørn Nielsen concludes.

A big thanks to our clients and respondents who have shown support and trust in our expertise, validating our work, and driving us to keep raising the bar.

About the MyImage Agency Analysis

The MyImage Agency Analysis, running since 2008, evaluates the perceptions of marketing executives on 59 agencies in advertising, digital, and media. This year's report drew insights from 1,028 industry professionals, offering a comprehensive view of agency performance from those at the heart of the sector.

Highlighted results from the MyImage Agency Analysis 2024

Good understanding of the client's business

  1. BirdsAtfive

  2. Accenture Song

  3. Kunde & Co

  4. MarketSquare

  5. Advance

Strong digital competencies

  1. BirdsAtFive

  2. Nordlid

  3. Drum Cph

  4. Accenture Song

  5. Marvelous

Flexible and agile

  1. Pong

  2. BirdsAtFive

  3. Drum Cph

  4. Zupa

  5. Accenture Song

Good at analyzing and utilizing data

  1. Nordlid

  2. BirdsAtFive

  3. Kunde & Co

  4. Accenture Song

  5. Advice

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