From Accenture Song to BirdsAtFive

From Accenture Song to BirdsAtFive

Feb 1, 2023

Jens Bjørn Koustrup Nielsen changes his position as Executive Growth Director in Accenture Song to a Director role in the commercial acceleration agency, BirdsAtFive.

Commercial Acceleration

Talking about the background of the new hire, BirdsAtFive’s founder Mads Toft says: “BirdsAtFive’s ability to create commercial acceleration and growth through a strong, structured focus on creativity, content and technical abilities is a perfect fit for Jens Bjørn – especially with his great knowledge within B2B and his broad communication experience."

Mads Toft explains further: “As an agency and advisor we are experiencing great development. We see a need for another experienced, business focused profile to join the team – one who can support our customers in the many important choices they have to make to accelerate commercially and digitally. At the same time, we need someone who can and will take a supporting role in further growing the Agency and developing our processes and goals. And here, Jens Bjørn is the right one. With this appointment, I will be able to focus even more on the development of our services that reinforce the commercial acceleration we create for our customers."

Important Project

Jens Bjørn says: "I am impressed with what BirdsAtFive has managed to create in its short time in the market – both in terms of business and the ability to attract some of the industry's most talented specialists – and not least to create a dynamic, lively culture with a clear, common direction. The project is a great expression of how we as agencies and advisors should always challenge the status quo. With its Garage Concept, where they work closely with customers' own resources, BirdsAtFive has created a unique approach to B2B. They can create very strong synergies between marketing and sales. I am looking forward to strengthening that synergy."

Extensive Experience

Jens Bjørn comes to BirdsAtFive with extensive experience from the Danish agency and marketing industry. In addition to his job as Executive Growth Director at Accenture Song, he has previously held senior positions at Kunde & Co, Magnetix, Zupa, 1508 and Trackman.

"I have been happy with my time at Accenture Song," Jens Bjørn says. "But I am attracted by the opportunity to get even closer to both customers and the agency development in a smaller, growth-oriented company like BirdsAtFive."

Jens Bjørn Koustrup Nielsen starts in the new role as client responsible and director at BirdsAtFive on February 1st.

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